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Hole In The Wall: Dreamcatcher Fic Project
What exactly is Quite simply, our creepy little corner of the Net functions as a media resource. We feature sites dedicated to housing high quality screencaps from every Stephen King film or miniseries out there. From 1976's adaptation of "Carrie" to the recently announced production of "Bag of Bones" and everything in between, if it's got King's bloody fingerprints on it, it's either here or it will be soon.'s not just a media resource, though, because it's also a network of sorts. Here you'll find kickass sites from all brands of King fans who comprise not only the cream of creativity and talent and an awesome King-ly fanbase, but a veritable treasure trove of King knowledge too. So if you have a question about something related to Stephen King's works, it's almost certain someone here will either know the answer, or can direct you to someone who does. functions a lot like a Freeze Frame. The original "Freeze Frame Network" was founded by Tlace as a way to preserve and maintain fan art and media from every "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" and "Angel" episode from beginning to end. Eventually the network opened its arms to embrace other shows, and while has a similar concept, the site will encompass multiple media layers dedicated to a single tree, namely King himself--with the many twisted branches of the tales he has woven on screens both large and small.

Freeze Frames allow webmasters to claim and cap separate episodes of the featured series, and like a Freeze Frame, will allow for this as well--the opportunity to "stake a claim," only for separate King projects instead of episodes.

So, please take a look around, and if there's a King property you'd like to claim, feel free to apply for it. Once you're approved, you can set up camp and start digging. Just don't dig *too* deep ... remember, those Micmacs have a way of making sure what's buried doesn't always stay that way.

"Another Fuckarow (dot) Net" is an affiliate of the Freeze Frame network and concentrates on Stephen King Movie Resource screencaps.

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