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Hole In The Wall: Dreamcatcher Fic Project
This is a list of the most commonly asked questions, taken in part from the Freeze Frame Network, where the script that runs this site came from!

Where do I house the caps?
Create a special site for the episode and house the site, and the caps, on your domain. Please look at the existing sites within the network to get an idea of what we're looking for.

Can I get a friend to host my Freeze Frame at their domain?
No. Contributors are required to own their own domain and host the caps within. This is because domain masters are more attune to their bandwith resources and any direct linking that may occur. Hostees may be doing the work of capping and layout creation but they would be "contributing" someone else's bandwith.

That being said, if you absolutely want to build the site and you have a grasp on grammar, html & all that jazz, we can host you. Email us.

Can I create a site on Image Station? Or a free server?
Nope. We don't accept Image Station sites, only because you have to sign up for an account in order to access the gallery. However, we're trying to keep things as streamlined as possible. Make it easy for everyone to collect their fave screecaps.

We also do not accept free servers (GeoShitties, tripod, etc.) because they are unstable. Domains that are paid for are simply more reliable. See the rules.

Can I donate the screencap galleries from my fansite?
Our goal is to have individual screencap sites, with exclusive screencaps, dedicated to each movie. But you can certainly send us an email with the url of your site, and we'll add it to the links section.

What is the purpose of Another Fuckarow?
We want to share Kingcaps so other webmasters and fanartists can use them in layouts and arts. And because we're fannish, obsessive and totally insane. Of course, if screencaps are used, credits and links should be provided.

Will anyone be turned down?
Well, I want to have a collection of the absolutely best caps for each movie. So. If your caps suck, you will be turned down.

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