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Hole In The Wall: Dreamcatcher Fic Project
Get Hosted?
Another-Fuckarow.net is a domain primarily for Stephen King media stuff. Which is not to say we don't host. We do, if your site fits. But we're pretty picky. First off, your site has to have something to do with Stephen King, and have the approval of two cranky bastards.

5-20mb of space. More on a case-by-case basis.
PHP/MySQL Support
1 Ftp account 
Email [you@another-fuckarow.net] if needed.
Duo of addled, inane insane hosts.

01. No sites about unrelated stuff. No blogs (unless they're King or fandom related). Besides, if we hate the content/subject matter we have no reason to host you, right?
02. Please link back to another-fuckarow.net on your splash/main page if you are hosted. It's only fair. We give you space, you link back to us, okay?
03. If you're going to move, close, or go on an a hiatus, please let us know. We don't want broken links on our sitemap.
04. Your site must already be online in a place where it can be viewed, or else how would we know that we wanted to host it?
05. We reserve the right to be picky. We're the ones paying for the space. Please no sites built with Pagebuilder or that other Yahell crap. Decent layouts and a functioning handle on grammar are a necessity.
06. Please know FTP. We're not assholes well, not really but we really don't have the time to walk you through it. And we're both crap at teaching.

What We Do Host:
Related Fanlistings, Cliques, Character Blogs, Media Sites, Fanart Sites, Writing, Humour, Link Sites, Trivia Sites and just about anything else as long as it's King.

Should be submitted via application. After explaining your reasons for applying in the "Why I Wanted To be Hosted Here" box, please add the word "castlerock" to show me that you've read the rules! If you find these reasonable, then go ahead and complete the application form!

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