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Hole In The Wall: Dreamcatcher Fic Project
The Films
Bolded titles are taken, and are listed either on finished or upcoming sites.

Apt Pupil Movie 1998
Bag of Bones Movie TBD
CarrieMovie 1976
Cat's Eye Movie 1985
Children of the Corn Movie 1984
Christine Movie 1983
Creepshow I Movie 1982
Creepshow II Movie 1987
Cujo Movie 1983
The Dark Half Movie 1993
The Dead Zone Movie 1983
Desperation TV Movie 2005
Dolores Claiborne Movie 1995
Dreamcatcher Movie 2003
Firestarter Movie 1984
The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon Movie TBD
The Golden Years TV Series 1991
Graveyard Shift Movie 1990
The Green Mile< i>Movie 1999
Hearts in Atlantis Movie 2001
It TV Movie 1990
Kingdom Hospital TV Series 2004
The Langoliers TV Movie 1995
The Mangler Movie 1995
Maximum Overdrive Movie 1986
Misery Movie 1990
The Mist Movie TBD
Needful Things Movie 1993
The Night Flier Movie 1997
Pet Sematary Movie 1989
Quicksilver Highway TV Movie 1997
Riding the Bullet Movie 2004
Rose Red TV Movie 2002
The Running Man Movie 1987
Salem's Lot TV Movie 1979
Salem's Lot TV Movie 2004
Secret Window Movie 2004
The Shawshank Redemption Movie 1994
The Shining Movie 1980
The Shining TV Movie 1997
Silver Bullet Movie 1985
Sleepwalkers Movie 1992
Sometimes They Come Back TV Movie 1991
Stand By Me Movie 1986
The Stand TV Movie 1994
Storm of the Century TV Movie 1999
The Sun Dog Movie TBD
Thinner Movie 1996
Tommyknockers TV Movie 1993
Trucks TV Movie 1997
Word Processor of the Gods (Tales from the Darkside, Season 1, Episode 9) TV Show 1985

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