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Hole In The Wall: Dreamcatcher Fic Project
These are the official A-F Dot Net requirements:

  1. You must have your own domain.
    We will not accept any sites on free hosting domains nor any "image stations" or the like.
  2. You must create a special site dedicated to the screencaps
    We appreciate, beyond the telling, any webmaster that has taken the time to cap and create galleries on an existing site. However,  our vision is to have individual sites dedicated to each movie capped.
    NEW as many Fanlistings offer a complete set of screencaps, we will now accept those to be submitted as well. However all other rules still apply.
  3. You must house the screencaps on your domain
    You may not use your domain for the main page and host the caps on a free server.
  4. Free servers and Image Station sites will not be accepted
    We are trying to provide a reliable directory/service for caps. Free servers, that could delete pages or disappear, are unstable and hence not really fulfilling the idea or premise of our service. Domains that are paid for are simply more reliable and this is about fulfillment. 
  5. All caps must be thumbnailed.
    It would also be great if each one opened in it's own window.
  6. You must provide a link back to "Another-Fuckarow Dot Net".
    Especially if you want to be included in this directory. We want everyone to be able to use our service and find all the caps they are looking for.  Don't link back, and the movie will be given away.
  7. Caps must be at least 450x300 in size.
    We are looking for fairly large caps.  Caps the size of postage stamps are abundant on the web.  Although any caps are good caps, we are trying to provide high quality caps for arts and layouts. 
  8. Caps should be of decent quality.
    Much like small caps, grainy caps are everywhere.  Obviously episodes available on DVDs are going to be of higher quality than those that are not.  That will most definitely be taken into consideration when you apply to donate.
  9. A minimum of 200 caps is required. 400 for Miniseries/TV Movies.
    More than that is very much acceptable. 
  10. Create a pleasing layout.
    It would be fantastic if you made an uber fancy layout for your caps page but a simple gallery, dedicated to the movie, is acceptable as well.  We know not everyone has time for fanciness. The screencaps are our focus.
  11. Your page must be easy to navigate.
  12. Screencaps must be made by you.
    Please do not take caps from others, or from closed sites, and claim them as your own.  Myself, and those that have graciously agreed to help me with this site are very aware of existing caps.  Stealing is wrong.
  13. Screencaps are to be new and exclusive.
    The caps you've made should only be found through this directory or through your domain.  If you made caps for an episode fanlisting or another fan site let us know and we'll include it in the links section.
  14. You must provide a cap example.
    If you have yet to be accepted, or donate, we ask that you show me proof of your capping capabilities.  Please upload a cap or two to your server and provide a URL in the application form.  Or, if you have already capped another episode, please provide the URL to your past work.
  15. You have one month to finish capping and upload. Two months for Miniseries/TV Movies
    Once you've been accepted you will have one month to complete the page.  If you need more time, please email me to let me know when the page will be finished.
  16. You must provide an entire episode worth of caps.
    The minimum amount of caps is 200.  That should allow for full representation of the complete episode.  If you can't provide caps from the beginning to end of the episode, please let me know.  I may allow for an extension, but a date will be given to you as to when you need to complete the caps, and there will be no extension after that time.
  18. If the episode for which you are applying is NOT AVAILABLE ON DVD I need a screencap example from the episode itself.
    I ask that you provide an actual cap as I need to know that they will be of high quality.  That is all.

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Made with PSP 7, Front Page & and Notepad. Script written by Jenny.